A Roadmap to fill in the gaps plus simplify your financial system so you can use your money to live the life YOU desire



Need clarity? No problem.

Hey girl hey!

Are you a professional woman on the move who's not reaching your financial goals and you feel like there is a gap or something you're missing?


Maybe you have come up with a financial plan and you're determined to reach your goals for the year, but you want a coach to review it, brainstorm with or simply provide confirmation that you're on the right path?

If this is you, keep reading . . .

I want you to shift your mindset about an audit.

Typically when we hear the word audit, we get a negative feeling. We think that someone is going to open the hood and tell us that we're in trouble.

This is not that!

I remember when I was first started out in coaching and I was just beating my head up against the wall. In a desperate attempt of some type of help, I booked a session with a business coach. I thought that she was going to tell me to just stick to my day job.

Nope! She gave me a piece of advice that sent off a light bulb that led me to book my first international client! It made me realize that sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to get you to where you're going. As you know, money is one of those things that we HAVE to handle, so why not get it right ASAP.

I created my Financial Audit sessions because sometimes people are not ready to go all in on coaching, but they want to speak to someone with experience to solidify their goals and plans.

Also, you may have help but sometimes a different perspective could be the missing link to grow your money.

I'm here to get you unstuck to make your financial goals a reality.

I'm a Money Mindfulness Coach helping professional women eliminate the blocks that are keeping them from getting results and create a solid financial foundation so they can live the lifestyle they desire.

After serving Fortune 500 companies, small business and families in the financial space over the past decade, I discovered that my true passion lies in helping the everyday woman learn how to use money as the fuel to live their best life.

- Tiffaney, Head MIC

(MissCFO In Charge)

So What is A Financial Audit Session?

The MissCFO Financial Audit Session is a 3-hour session where I assess your finances in three areas:

  • Your Financial Mindset. In order to build wealth, you have to understand how money works and have the confidence to execute on the journey.
  • Your Financial Systems. Your #1 financial asset is the system. Are you set up to manage and maximize your money?
  • Your Risk Management. Are you protecting the income and assets that you work so hard for?

Okay Sis, if you're still here, you are probably the ideal candidate for the Financial Audit Session.


WARNING: Only 3 spots open

Okay so here's how we're going to do this thing . . .

You give me 3 hours of time together to peek under the hood. I'll give you an audit report outlining the good and the gaps.

If this sounds like what you need, click the button below to grab one of the spots.


This is for you if:

You are not reaching your financial goals and you feel like there's a gap or some piece of the puzzle missing.

You're overwhelmed with managing and growing your money and don't know what to do next.

You're "strategy" is leaving you stuck and not accomplishing your goals.

You know what you want, but don't quite know how to execute it.

You're simply confused about how to start the process to accomplish your goals.



(Only 3 spots open)

Let me make sure I say this:

This session is for serious folks

This session is usually $1,997 and you have a chance to get it at $997

This session is 3 hours which means that the strategies are going to come quickly. If you are not a fast action taker, this might not be for you.

Lastly, this session has the power to change your financial future.