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Are you an ambitious woman who needs a money management tool that's effective and sexy . . . just like you??

The RichMiss Financial Planner is your COMPLETE guide to understanding, managing, tracking & growing your money.

The RichMiss Financial Planner

If you are ready to get your spending plan in order, maximize your income, organize & grow your money then this planner is for you!

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Struggling to manage and grow your money?

Managing your money doesn’t need to leave you feeling drained . . .

Financial management is a job that we HAVE to do, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming, stressful or boring.

This is the exact reason I created the RichMiss Financial Planner. I understand that financial planning is more than putting together a budget. I want you to have one place where you can strategically map out every step of your finances from your vision, to your income, to your savings, investments and even your business income!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated—you’re not alone. This planner is going to help you know, track & grow.

Not only are you tapping into a great resource, you're tapping into my decade of expertise in the financial industry.

For a limited time only, save 30 % on the RichMiss Financial Planner. It’s the ultimate workbook to help you:

  • Set your Financial Vision & SMART Goals
  • Create a financial blueprint - game plan to achieve financial freedom
  • Stay on Financial Track - Credit (Business Credit too), Debt, Expenses, Savings & Investments, Subscriptions
  • Create a Spending Plan & track your finances monthly
  • Map out & track your side hustle and additional income streams
  • Use the Financial Resources to help you understand all of those confusing finance terms you should know
  • Online training portal that teaches you how to properly use the planner & maximize its efficiency
  • And so much more!

The Rich Miss Financial Planner includes:

financial planner (undated)

A planner designed and made by me to help you to stray on track.

  • Plan ahead - Set real goals so you have a target on the horizon
  • Stay organized - Monthly tracking pages for your personal & business finances
  • Feel calm - Relax knowing you won’t miss a bill or fall behind

Financial Templates


Templates to help you manage every area of your finances.

  • Spending Plan (Budget) - Reduce your financial stress with this fool-proof template
  • Financial Statements - Quarterly and annual templates to track your personal and/or business finances
  • Income Maximizer - Outline how to boost your cashflow & profits

Resource Library

Use the Resource guides to help you build your finances from the ground up.

  • Online Training Portal - Learn how to properly use the planner, set up the systems for your finances i.e. accounts, organization, etc.
  • Education - Wondering what ROI, IRA or FSA means?
  • All in one Resource - Eliminate the various spreadsheets, google docs & sticky notes. This all-in-one planner allows you to keep your personal finances & business finances in one place.

You can become financially free when you’re not overwhelmed.

  • Take control of your money with a planner purpose-built for YOU - the woman with personal & business income.
  • Be your best self feeling organized, supported, and inspired.
  • Make financial freedom a reality because you have a plan in place to follow to success

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$127 $97

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Physical Hard-copy Books will be released on 11/22/23. This is a leather bound book.

I'm here to get you unstuck to make financial freedom a reality.

I'm a Finance Coach helping professional women eliminate the blocks that are keeping them from getting results and create a solid financial foundation to get time freedom without worry.

After serving Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and families in the financial space over the past decade, I discovered that my true passion lies in helping everyday women learn how to use money as fuel to live their best life.

Tiffany, Head RIC

(Head Miss in Charge)

Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm a full-time entrepreneur, will this planner still work for me?

Absolutely. As an entrepreneur, you still need to have separate business and personal finances. Anything that doesn't apply, you can just skip over.

I'm already busy, is this planner going to take up a lot more of my time?

This planner is designed to create time to manage your money & making it effective for time purposes. Let's be real would you rather carve out time to manage and grow what you have. Or keep being "busy" and go broke?? You'll have more to worry about then. Don't tackle everything at once. This is a marathon, take your time and complete each section thoroughly.

What if this doesn't work for me?

I get it, managing and growing your money is a challenge. The Rich Miss Financial Planner is designed to work. It's been tested. If for some reason you've given it a fair chance and it doesn't work for you, we will exchange or refund your money. Additonally, if the book arrives in less than quality, we will be happy to exchange or refund your money. Just message us and let us know.

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